Large amounts of tuna
        -every now and then is okay, but               too much can lead to mercury                   poisoning 


        -a little bit every now and then is               okay but too much can cause                   Vitamin A toxicity which can be                 fatal

Dog food
        -every now and then is okay but it             doesn’t contain enough protein,               vitamins, fatty acids, and other                 essentials that are necessary in a             cat’s diet. Eating dog food                           regularly can lead to                                   malnourishment

If you think your animal ingested something toxic you should see a Veterinarian immediately. 

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If you are not sure if the item your animal ingested was toxic, please call us or the ASPCA.


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Persimmons, Peaches, and Plums                  -contain large seeds that can be a             choking hazard, pits also contain a           chemical called cyanide which is               poisonous

Coconuts, coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut water

Citric fruits

Anything too salty can lead to sodium ion poisoning

Macadamia nuts

Cat food

        -cat food is higher in fat, protein,               and calories which can cause                     upset stomach and diarrhea in                 dogs

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Chocolate Toxicity

The tools below are meant to be used as an indicator so you can get the general idea for toxicity levels. These tools should not be used to decide if you should take your dog to the vet. We recommend taking your pet to a vet regardless of the amount of chocolate they ate, each individual animal handles toxicity differently.

Lists of foods that are Toxic to Dogs and Cats



Human Medicine

        -unless otherwise instructed by                 your vet, human medicine should             not be used on your cat or dog. If             your pet has ingested human                   medicine it is a medical                               emergency and should be taken               to the vet immediately. 


       -if your pet eats a mushroom out             on a walk or in your backyard it is             a medical emergency and you need         to take your pet to the vet                         immediately. Take a sample of the           mushroom or mushrooms near-by         if your pet has ingested the whole           mushroom so your vet can figure             out what type of mushroom it was.


Dairy products (both are lactose intolerant)

Grapes and Raisins

Fat trimmings and bones
(can be a choking hazard)

Raw meat, fish and eggs

        -can contain salmonella, E. Coli,                 and/or parasites

Coffee, tea, or anything that contains caffeine

Onions, Garlic, and Chives


Spices and baking ingredients                        -especially nutmeg, baking soda,               and baking powder

Anything containing xylitol

        -Common things that contain                     xylitol (baked goods, toothpaste               (toothpaste that is designed for               dogs/ is bought at a pet store                   should be okay), candy, gum, or               any artificial sweeteners

Uncooked dough made with yeast
        -dough can expand in the animal’s           stomach causing blockage, it can             also ferment inside the animal                 which can lead to alcohol                           poisoning

Overly sugary food and drinks
        -can cause them to become                       overweight which can lead to                     diabetes

Spices and baking ingredients 

        -especially nutmeg, baking soda,               and baking powder)