Dog Walkers

Christin Coxon                                                              (650)-284-6366

Erika Liljefelt                                                                 (650)-815-9288

Maurici Lehal                                                                (650)-339-3967

Pet Sitters Associates                                                  (650)-430-2357

Ry the Pet Guy                                                              (650)-483-2639


Happy Trails (Belmont)                                               (650)-593-9800

Peninsula Pet Resort (San Carlos)                             (650)-592-2441

Pet Smart (San Carlos)                                                (650)-632-1605

Darren Rodriguez (Vet Tech)                                      (650)-888-8602

Please Call (650)-341-7741 for an appointment. We do have same day scheduling available. We do accept emergencies for current clients.

Appointment Request

​Be prepared for your summer vacation:

Many boarding kennels now require a series of two Flu shots 3 weeks apart. Clients, please check with your kennel and we will be happy to fit you in if you need to update your dog's vaccinations. We do have limited opening for new clients, so if you are not a client and do not have a current veterinarian and are seeking to establish client status, please call us and we will review your records and let you know if we can accept you and your pet. If you have a referral from a current client, please let us know who referred you.


We take the stress out of traveling with your pet! If you are traveling interstate or internationally give us a call. We will research what health certificates, vaccines, microchips, and any other documentation your pet needs, then we will call you back with the information we find and set up an appointment to get your pet ready for some vacation fun.

For after hours emergencies, please call the North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency 24 Hour Hospital

(formerly NPVEC)* at (650)- 348-2575 in San Mateo or SAGE Centers at 650 - 417 - 7243 in RWC


Summer is finally here! That means its time to take some extra precautions with your pets!

  • Tick & flea season is here, make sure your pet is up to date with their medication- if not give us a call!
  • Check the weather and pavement before you go out, if its too hot for you its too hot for them!
  • Don't leave your pet in the car, cars can reach temperatures of 104° after only 30 minutes on a 70° day!

*Canine Flu Outbreak in Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento 6/27/19- Call us to get your pup vaccinated*

Call Us:  (650)-341-7741

Yoda, a new adopt from PHS,  

my assistant, Natalie, and 

Yoda's owner Dr. Sharon DeWit.

*      (disclaimer)  I, Dr. Weber, am a former shareholder in the NPVEC. I and my associate veterinarians and staff refer to whichever emergency clinic is appropriate for the best care, however we encourage you to select the clinic with which you feel most comfortable

For daytime emergencies (active clients only),  please call to notify us and we will see you right away.


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