Laurelwood Veterinary Clinic

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Our Mission is to provide a welcoming environment that enables us to provide comprehensive care for your pet for a long and healthy life. Annual exams and proper preventative care can lead to early detection of problems and enhance and lengthen life. We will do our best to educate and inform our clients as we view veterinary medicine as a team effort between us and our clients.

We Treat dogs, cats, and small rodents - such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

*Dr. Weber has stopped accepting new rabbit patients due to the technician's severe allergies. New rabbit patients will only be accepted from established clients and care is limited to medicine only. We recommend Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos for rabbit surgeries, emergencies, and new rabbit clients.*

We Operate, Dr. Weber performs general practice surgery, spays, neuters, dentals, growth removals , biopsies and exploratory surgery. Surgeries will generally go home in the afternoon. In rare exceptions or in cases of emergency treatment or stabilization of cases requiring hospitalization, we will have the owner transfer to pet to a 24 hour emergency hospital for continued care and the pet can recover there for the duration rather than having to transfer back and forth.


We Accommodate all pets by having separate entrances and waiting rooms for dogs and cats. Our pocket pet patients are welcome in the cat room. Please make sure all cats and pocket pets are securely contained in a carrier. Please make sure all dogs are securely leashed or, if small, in a carrier, and under control at all times. If you do not have a carrier or leash, we are happy to give you a complimentary leash and we have carriers that can be borrowed. If your animal has a cough, is a barker around other animals or is just shy, call ahead before your appointment, we will clear the waiting room to ensure that all pets stay healthy, safe and calm.

The Team

Danielle Weber, DVM graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1992 and has practiced in the bay area since 1996. She has owned this clinic for over 17 years!

Fun Fact: Dr. Weber is a competitive oil painter and is always working on her next piece. She also owns two cats and a beautiful bay gelding who she rides almost everyday!

Robert Gatchel, RVT has been working as a veterinary technician for over 30 years, and has been working with Dr. Weber for the last 13 years!

Fun Fact: Robert enjoys spending his free time traveling the world; ask him about what trip he has planned next!

Sharon Hall has been a receptionist for Dr. Weber for almost three years, is a dog trainer for the Peninsula Humane Society and has a wealth of information on getting your puppy started right in socialization and training.

Rachael Howard is attending Texas A&M as a pre-vet student with the hopes of becoming a veterinarian. She is working under Dr. Weber during school breaks to gain more experience in the field she wishes to enter. She also writes the blog posts and updates the website.

Fun Fact: This semester Rachael is completing her equine certificate and has been assigned her very own broodmare to foal out! 

Lala Celaya  is our assistant. She has been a dog trainer for the past three years, has her own training business, and her goal is to earn her degree as a veterinary technician.

Fun Fact: Lala enjoys hiking with her two dogs in her free time! 

Julia Meints is attending Rutgers as a pre-vet student, and would like to one day work with marine animals. She is working part-time to gain clinical expertise under Dr. Weber while simultaneously attending school.

​Fun Fact: Julia volunteered at a seal hospital for 2 years!

We are currently looking to add another member to our team. Please check the "Careers" tab to find out more!