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 Our mission is to provide a welcoming environment that enables us to provide comprehensive care for your pet for a long and healthy life. Annual exams and proper preventative care can lead to early detection of problems and enhance and lengthen life. I and my staff will do our best to educate and inform our clients as we view veterinary medicine as a team effort between us and our clients.

I see dogs, cats, and small rodents - mice, rats, guinea pigs . I have stopped accepting new rabbit patients with the caveat below* .

We have separate entrances and waiting rooms for dogs and for cats. Our rabbit and rodent patients are welcome in the cat room. Please make sure all cats , rabbits and rodents are securely contained in a carrier. Please make sure all dogs are securely leashed or , if small, in a carrier, and under control at all times.

If you do not have a carrier or leash, we are happy to give you a complimentary leash and we have carriers that can be borrowed. 

This is a full service clinic except I do not keep pets overnight .  Spays, neuters, dentals, growth removals and other standard surgeries will generally be ready to go home in the afternoon. For cases that require hospitalization overnight, I will have the client transfer their pet to the 24 hour emergency clinic of their choice, where they can stay without being needed to be further transferred back and forth. 

*While I do see exotics, due to my technician's severe allergies, we are only accepting new rabbit patients from established clients and I limit that care to medicine only. We recommend Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos for rabbit surgeries and emergencies.

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